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April 2, 2001

To Whom it May Concern:

I have had the pleasure to work with Randy Weinstein as both a co-worker while at and later in a supervisory position in his time with RewardStream Inc.

As a co-worker and friend of Randy I was impressed with his knowledge of Java and other technologies while we were both working for When it came time to staff my own technical operations department here at RewardStream, Randy was one of the first people I thought to bring on board.

Randy brought with him a superior ability to learn new tasks; a requirement in the field he has chosen for himself. He has a voracious appetite for knowledge, and reads technical manuals gleefully. I have seen Randy work well in a both teams of developers, as well on individual, targeted tasks without the need for supervision. He's a pleasure to work with as a team member, and is capable of explaining some of the most advanced technical concepts to the less skilled.

I heartily recommend Randy for a position on your development staff; he's rather a rare find with his mix of technical skill and social traits. He is a creative and highly confident individual that would be an asset to any company's technical staff.

I am available to answer any questions that you might have of me regarding my work with Randy, via email or phone.

Richard Murray
Manager of Technical Operations

(604) 692-1248 (my direct line)