Principal Consultants  


Cross-browser, cross platform.

We believe that web applications should work for everyone, regardless of their choice of browsing platforms. Solutions that rely upon client-side scripting languages such as JavaScript, non-standard HTML extensions or proprietary plug-ins create more problems than they solve. The web was created as a place to share information between a rich and diverse set of hardware, software, organisations and individuals, and that diversity is what has made the web what it is today. We continue in that tradition by following accepted standards, ensuring that your application will work for everyone, now and in the future.

No vendor lock-in.

We believe that solutions should be modular so that components can be re-used and switched independently from each other. That means that you can shop for the best price/performance ratio for any component of your application as new products are released. Properly written server-side Java or PHP can read from any database, under any web server on any platform.

Right tool for the job.

“If all you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails.” At Mode 755, we are familiar with a wide range of products and will not try and sell you an expensive solution from one vendor when a comparable product is available for free. In most cases, there is often an open source product with comparable functionality that allow us to avoid paying large licensing fees to Microsoft or Oracle.

Open development servers, open source code.

We like to keep the communication lines open with our clients. That means frequent project status updates and a direct line to developers. View the project online as it is being developed to see how it is going. Phone us with suggestions and questions. Browse the source code online or request a disk. We’re available.

Small releases, one step at a time.

We prefer to break down a project into small, manageable chunks that are easily tested and released. This fits well with our policy of keeping the client informed of progress on the project and allows us to isolate problems more easily.


Every line of code is written with security in mind.


A simple solution takes less time to build and is less error-prone than a complex solution. We work with the client early the design phase of a project to define the project requirements in such a way that an elegant solution is possible. We work towards code that is maintainable and extensible, as well as efficient and secure.