Principal Consultants  


  • Merged Wordpress and REST-service backend into new Zend Framework site.
  • Designed custom single sign-on cookie-based session handling on the new site to work across multiple backends and load-balanced servers.
  • Integrated many dynamic JQuery UI components into site to conform to design specifications.




  • Managed the migration of Teletoon web and database servers to new infrastructure.
  • Integrated third party Flash AS3 Games into Teletoon’s scoring and tracking systems.


EA Games Montreal

  • Ported game to iGoogle and MySpace Opensocial API

Scrabble on iGoogle

EA Games Los Angeles

  • Helped rewrite Scrabble game in ActionScript 3
  • Helped integrate Scrabble with Facebook API


Scrabble on Facebool


  • Wrote browser toolbar and toolbar widgets for Comcast.
  • Debugged and extended Visicom's DTX toolbar creation framework that cross-compiles JavaScript into windows Internet Explorer dlls and Firefox XUL.

Visicom Toolbar Editor

Papier Virtuel

Wrote a system to dynamically convert PDFs into JavaScript /HTML/Ajax websites. To accomplish this I wrote an object-orientated PHP/AJAX framework that could read data from multiple XML, Json and SQL data sources and output clean HTML and JavaScript on the fly. Programmers could place components and layout containers on the page using a simple, well documented Swing-like syntax using a single line of code.

My Virtual Paper Magasine Sample


  • Programmed changes to high volume website in a complex environment of 15 PHP application servers, 15 MySQL slave and master servers, NFS file caching servers and image servers handling over 30,000 simultaneous connections.
  • Suggested and implemented changes to programming methodology, including documentation and communication practices, standardizing on one IDE and implementing the subversion source control system.



Attorney General of BC

  • Managed large PHP/MySQL/Oracle transactional website for the Province of BC supporting 400 simultaneous user connections supporting hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions annually.
  • Acted as system administrator on production Linux servers during implementation of messaging projects, installation of new hardware, and during bug fixes.
  • Designed corporate website, small project management websites, intranet mail, bug tracking, calendaring and document management website, screen savers and promotional materials
  • Worked with telephony developers to support and maintain existing IVR applications that mirror web functionality.


Dr. Hedy Fry, MP for Vancouver Centre

Worked on keeping website current through three consecutive sucessful elections. During the most recent campagin redesign, converted site to Macromedia Contribute templates to enable campain staff to do mutilple simultaneous page edits 24 / 7 as the campaign progressed. Dr. Fry won.

Hedy Fry

HIV Community-Based Research Network

In 2002, Health Canada approved funding to create an online network for HIV researchers. Working with the Community-Based Research Center in Vancouver, Mode 755 consultants built a site that included web-base document sharing and annotation, a dynamic News Room and Help System, a user-managed links database, user surveys and discussion forums. The site includes a complex administration interface and is fully mirrored in both official languages

Brygid Technologies Corp

  • Migrated mail servers to qmail and reworked authentication mechanisms to integrate with existing user database in Oracle rather than system accounts.
  • Web enabled the mail servers to provide hotmail-like functionality in existing account management application, prototyping in PHP and implementing in Java.
  • Reworked an existing managed JSP/Java/Oracle application to allow customer branding. Managed and trained graphic designers for this task.



From 1997 to 2004, Mode 755 provided discounted development services and free hosting to Vancouver artists to help them showcase their work. This ongoing project enabled us to work on interesting projects with interesting people and allowed us to give something back to the community at the same time.

(B2B Marketplace Operated by A Major US Aerospace and Defense Consortium)

Mode 755 consultants implemented a Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 database-backed ASP website incorporating an existing design theme and copy, with several data entry forms and a complex, hierarchical site layout. The site also featured full-text search capability based on dynamically generated content.